TACTYS SLIM 811 Keyboard


– Innovative and full size, the SLIM 811 is a high-performance tool that guarantees a germ-free environment when
inputting data. Without a mouse and mechanical keys, the work station remains clean and operational. Placed
on the work station, mounted on a stand or sitting on a trolley, the small SLIM 811 adapts to any location and will
become a key component in your armoury in combating hospital-acquired infections.
– Made in France, designed and manufactured in France, all our keyboards include a
3 year return to base warranty

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Product Description

• Smooth and clean. Its surface can be effortlessly disinfected in a single wipe, thus saving time and ensuring germ-free quality.

• Integrated mouse: fitted with a large Touch Pad, thereby minimising the contaminable components in the working environment

• IP65-waterproof and all-round hard wearing. It can withstand moist environments and any hospital chemical products

• Sensitivity adjustment. Its new adjustment system allows it to adapt to each user

• Adjustable audible beep. The audible key stroke beep, that can be adjusted in volume, punctuates rapid, reliable data input

• Plug and play. It can be used immediately. It has an integral numeric keypad and a lock function for cleaning

• Compatible with gloves: the keyboard, like the Touch Pad, re-sponds to contact with all types of gloves (latex and non-latex)

• 100 % PC-/Mac-compatible: The keyboard layout and shortcuts are exactly the same. Design. It is ideally suited to all environments

• Comfortable. With its capacitive, touch-sensitive, tactile technology, key activation is smooth

• Compact. As it is so small, it can be used anywhere: on a work station, operator’s console, trolley, arm rest etc.


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