MELAG Vacuklav 41B+ Evolution | Premium Class Steriliser – 18 Litre

  • Patented double-jacket technology brings the fastest of operating times
  • With patented DRYtelligence – intelligent drying for every loading configuration
  • Documentation, approval and traceability via XXL colour-touch display with intuitive operating interface
  • Maximum load quantity 9 kg
  • Stand-alone with patented air-cooling system


Product Description


Quick, easy-to-use and stand-alone – now with DRYtelligence

This high-performance practice steam steriliser brings the same record operating times as the almost identical Vacuklav 40 B+ Evolution. Its innovative double chamber technology means the sterilisation and drying of wrapped instruments in only 10 minutes; unwrapped instruments in a Class-B program require no more than 20 minutes. Both times include fractionated pre-vacuum and drying. The patented intelligent drying system DRYtelligence uses especially-developed algorithms to adapt the drying to the load in order to shorten the operating times even further and save resources. The Vacuklav 41 B+ Evolution is fitted with a patented air-cooling system, making it into a true stand-alone steam steriliser as it requires no connections other than to the electricity supply.


An especial advantage is the integrated software for approval, labelling and traceability of the sterilised instruments. This provides protection for doctor and patient alike. The XXL colour-touch display makes for easier working and avoids maloperation. Simply switch on the device, follow the intuitive instructions and enjoy your work. RKI-conform instrument decontamination can be fun.

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