MELAG Vacuklav 31B+ Pro Class Steriliser – 18 Litre

Vacuklav Pro Class | 18 Litre Capacity

  • Reliable all-round steam steriliser with short operating times
  • Simple operation and versatile documentation
  • Stand-alone with patented air-cooling system
  • Two year warranty


Product Description


Reliable steam sterilisers that work continuously

These flexible products are not only distinguished by the patented air-cooling of the vacuum pump, but also by their reliability and ease of use. The innovative design of the Vacuklav 31 B+ simultaneously features fast operating times, along with versatility in recording and safety. The integrated monitoring of the feed water and the electronic control of the Vacuklav 31 B+ avoid operating faults and secure high quality sterilisation and maximum gentleness for your instruments.

Instruments of up to 5 kg in weight may be sterilised on 5 trays in the compact sterilisation chamber (depth 35 cm, volume 17 litres). Two special, ergonomic water containers (for feed and waste water) are already integrated in the steam sterilizer as well as the important monitoring of the water quality.

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The Pro Class autoclaves are not high-speed devices such as the autoclaves of the MELAG Premium Class. But nevertheless as a rule they are considerably faster than other devices on the market. In the quick program, unwrapped instruments such as dental handpieces and contra angles can already be removed after only 15 minutes, including fractionated pre-vacuum and vacuum-quick drying. Depending on the total load of the autoclave, wrapped instruments are again available for use after 26 to 50 minutes.

All autoclaves of the Pro Class offer five sterilisation programs and two test programs. The test programs can check and document the function of the autoclave in the dental and medical practice at any time. After selecting and starting the desired program, the modern microprocessor controls and monitors the entire process automatically.

The Vacuklav 23B+ & 31B+ models are designed as a ‘stand alone’ class ‘B’ steriliser and only require a 10amp power supply. Without any further installation the autoclave can be operated using its built-in (clean & dirty) storage tanks.

Automatic fill option can be selected utilising a MELAdem 40 demineralised water system. Automatic draining is optional. Vacuklav is supplied with 5 trays and options of either a standard printer or Data-Logging (paper-less) system recording to a CF Card.


  • Chamber size 35cm long x 25cm dia
  • Chamber volume 18 litres
  • Loading quantity 5kg instruments / 1.8kg textiles
  • Dimensions (w x h x d) 42.5 x 48.5 x 57cm (feet fit on 50cm benchtop)
  • Weight 44kg
  • Mains supply 230V / 50Hz / 2,500 W


Melag Proclass 31B is an all-round steriliser that is known for providing endurance through reliability. Designed as a stand alone steriliser, it is suitable for use in medical centres, dental practices, and day surgeries where hollow and solid bodied instruments require sterilising. This all-rounder device ideally comes with 5 Trays, 5 Sterilisation Programs, and innovative option of Data Logging System for electronic storage of information. It also comes with 2 test programs which verify the documents and results.

Additional information

Universal Program

Instruments wrapped, 134 degrees, Hold time: 5.5min, Total time: 30mins

Quick-Program B

Instruments wrapped / unwrapped, 134 degrees, Hold time: 3.5min, Total time: 28mins

Quick-Program S

Instruments wrapped / unwrapped, 134 degrees, Hold time: 3.5min, Total time: 15mins


Instruments wrapped, 121 degrees, Hold time: 20.5min, Total time: 45mins

Prion Program

Instruments wrapped, 134 degrees, Hold time: 20.5min, Total time: 45mins