UnicLine 5D Compact

Leading Ergonomics
Balanced Instruments
Aluminium Frame
Danish Design

Danish design
focused on wellbeing.

The UnicLine 5D Compact by Heka Dental is at once beautiful and functional. The intuitive design revolutionises dental chair lighting and instrument handling, ensuring best-practice ergonomic postures that support both patient and operator wellbeing.

Continuous contact between dentist and patient.

With research suggesting that 87% of oral health professional suffer chronic pain as a result of musculoskeletal disorders, ergonomic practice environments need to be a priority.
Designed with every instrument at hand, the UnicLine 5D Compact enables an efficient and continuous workflow for practitioners while supporting a calm and relaxing environment for patients.

Weightless Operation

With all instruments perfectly balanced by a spring assisted module, the operators hand will not experience any external influence, allowing precision treatment to be carried out ensuring ergonomically correct working postures.

Heka Dental Chair

UnicLine 5D Compact

Flexible Working Positions

With the multi positioning over the patient delivery system, correct posture and unimpeded access to the working area is easily achieved along with ambidextrous operator capabilities. 

Designed for optimised workflow

Superior comfort & care.
A relaxed patient creates ideal working conditions for the dentist. With this in mind UnicLine’s maker’s created a treatment centre that is comfortable for both dentist and patient. A dream to sit on and a dream to work with, whether standing or sitting, you’ll be at ease.
Further promoting patient and operator comfort, the multi-articulating headrest allows the operator to position the patients head to the finest degree.

Heka Dental Chair

UnicLine 5D Compact

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