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The OP-S10 chair, designed and manufactured by OPTOMIC, was designed by ENT specialists for ENT specialists. Doctors from all over the world have provided their knowledge and expertise for the ergonomic design and technical features of the OP-S10 chair.

One of the main ergonomic advantages of the OP-S10 chair is the possibility it offers the specialist, due to its well-studied design, of easily and comfortably reaching every area of the patient that requires examination.

This is why the specialists have created a chair FOR THE COMFORT OF DOCTOR AND PATIENT, the patient must be comfortable, but the doctor also, in order to work safely and with the back, head, and neck in an ergonomic position, avoiding uncomfortable postures and unnecessary exhaustion.

On the other hand, the high quality of its mechanism sets it apart from other chairs in the market, as mechanics of high precision and great sturdiness have been used as well as the best materials and components. Proof of this are its conical roller bearings of high resistance, its 36 self-lubricated axle-boxes that offer an unequalled smoothness of movement, free of slackness and maintenance.

It also has linear bearings for axial glides and high-quality Danish motors. It includes electronics controlled by microprocessor, with capacity for different programs and functions.

Quality design, comfort, safety, resistance, stability, precision and a long life span are synonyms of OPTOMIC chairs.


The OP-S10 chair base is very sturdy and stable, its practical base ends allow the doctor to move over them with a rolling chair, so there is only the minimum space between patient and specialist.

Folding armrests

High resistance aluminium structure, which forms the set of the upper part of the chair, seat, backrest, and legrest, covered with an upholstery of flexible polyurethane, which makes it very durable, comfortable, and easy to clean.


Collapsible footrest of high resistance and reduced size which holds the shoe without protruding to avoid damage on the legs.

Control knob

Function control using any of the four keypads placed at different ends of the chair.

Backrest knob

The same as the seat, the backrest has two function control keypads, with which you will have access to the programmed memories and external functions.

Liquid crystal display

The liquid crystal display controls the user settings and memory selection. It gives warnings and displays messages of error, as well as the internal record of the chair’s activity.

Monitor control knob

It permits a safe and comfortable examination, as monitor and patient are placed at the same level, and the doctor can avoid losing sight of the working area.

Rotation system

Chair rotation of almost 300’ba, which permits the safe, easy and smooth placing of the patient, provided by its conical roller bearings of high resistance, which can withstand a force over 3.200 Kgs each.


This option makes the OP-S10 chair the most complete assistant for the ENT specialist, as it integrates the functions of the examination chair and most of the functions of the bulky and expensive rotating chair of vestibular tests of single use.

Producing Quality

OPTOMIC is a company dedicated to the manufacture of medical equipment, with a great knowledge and application in electronics, optics and precision mechanics.

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