NSK Handpieces

The smallest and slimmest in the world

NSK Ti-Max Z

The most durable, high-performance handpiece series in its Class ever offered by anyone, anywhere. This is the final result of a research and design brief that specified zero tolerance for any production and price compromise.

In practice NSK Ti-Max Z series handpieces perform at a remarkably low noise level with virtually no vibration. Clinicians’ focus will no longer be distracted and patient comfort is further enhanced. Further, Ti-Max Z series handpieces feature the smallest head and slimmest neck dimensions in the global market allowing operational visibility like never before.

Ti-Max Z is an irreplaceable Powerful Partner for any dental practice.

Air Turbines

TI-Max X / S-Max M Series


Ti-Max X Series | S-Max M series |  EX Series | Ti-Max Z NEW!

Clinical Micromotors

NLX nano / NLX plus | NL400 / M40 | Ti205L / EX203C

Oral Hygiene

Varios 970 /  170 | Varios 560 / 350 | Varios Tips | Ti-Max Air Scalers | Prophy-Mate neo | TASKAL Wizard




VarioSurg | Surgic XT Plus | X-SG20L / SG20 | Micro Saw

Dental Laboratory

Ultimate XL Series | Volvere Vmax | PRESTO Series

Handpiece Maintenance


New handpiece maintenance system that automatically cleans and lubricates up to 4 handpieces at once.

The proper solution volume is preset based on high and low speed handpiece type, ensuring precise and thorough lubrication at the touch of a button. A chuck cleaning function removes dirt and cutting powder from the chuck.

Purging select mode ensures complete removal of excess oil. Uses liquid oil in an integrated tank that holds up to 1.2 litres and provides up to 2,800 cycles before refilling is needed.

Choose from two models:
iCare C2 Type (Y1002796)
Dual Standard Ports & Dual Rotation Ports
iCare C3 Type (Y1002797)
Single Standard Port & Triple Rotation Ports

NSK Cellular Glass Optics

By fusing multiple glass fibres into a single glass optic rod, Cellular Glass Optics delivers 20% brighter illumination exactly to the spot you need to examine. The cellular rod will not deteriorate from repeated sterilisation and keeps its lighting intensity for longer period of time.

NSK “ISB” Integrated Shaft Bearings

In the NSK ISB, the shaft itself forms the inner race. Unification of the shaft and the inner race provide higher rigidity which in reduces vibration and guarantees more accurate and consistent cutting.

NSK Ceramic Bearings

The built-in patented Clean Head System is designed to prevent air retraction, and thus allow no oral fluid or foreign particles to enter into the handpiece head. The system is activated instantaneously in response to air pressure change as the handpiece stops spinning.The benefits you’ll enjoy are longer handpiece life with greatly improved infection control.

NSK Clean Head System

The patented NSK Clean Head System is a special mechanism designed to automatically prevent the entry of oral fluids and other contaminants into the handpiece head prolonging the life of the bearings.

NSK Push Button Chuck

NSK’s patented triple-grip Ultra Push Chuck enables simple one-touch bur replacement, while its auto-chuck lock mechanism automatically controls bur-retention when higher load is applied to a bur.


With an integrated system of development, manufacture and sales,
we will continue to swiftly deliver products which meet the needs of our customers.

Development System

In order to be able to continue to deliver useful new products to the market in a timely fashion, we have established various state-of-the-art testing facilities and adopted a system which enables us to conduct all development in-house.

Production System

“Quality is created in the process “. Each worker checks the quality of each and every process with a critical eye, never allowing a defective item to make it to the next phase. This is thoroughly enforced at the production site, in order to ensure the 100% quality.

MORE Surgery Products

Ancar | Ortho SD 3200 Dental Chair

Ancar | Ortho SD 3200 Dental Chair

Ancar | Series 5 Dental Chair

Ancar | Series 5 Dental Chair

Pelton & Crane | Essential – Spirit 1700 Dental Chair

Pelton & Crane | Essential – Spirit 1700 Dental Chair

Pelton & Crane | Advantage – Spirit 1800 Dental Chair

Pelton & Crane | Advantage – Spirit 1800 Dental Chair


Quadro | Steriliser

MELAG | Cliniclave 45 Steriliser

Cattani | Micro SMART

Cattani | Micro SMART Cube


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