Saving space

From the very beginning of development of the MELAtherm, Melag made sure that the various functions, features and additional conveniences did not lead to further space requirements. With an enclosure width of only 60cm, there is room for the MELAtherm almost anywhere.

The spacious MELAtherm washing chamber is designed for those practices which cannot afford compromises in terms of operating times, treatment quality, economy and environmental protection.

Treatment process

MELAtherm represents the ideal supplement to the treatment chain, as automatic cleaning, disinfection and drying make’s the work process easier, helps to avoid errors and thereby saves valuable time and money.

The series produced base frame will accommodate up to six wash trays or a greater number of hand instruments.

At the same time, up to 11 instruments with cavities (e.g. hollow needles, tubes, transfer instruments) can be cleaned and disinfected outside and inside via an injector rail.

Active drying

Active drying ensures the long-term value retention of high-quality instruments and protects them from corrosion.

Moreover, the clearance of the instruments after disinfection and cleaning by the auxiliary requires absolute dryness as protection against re-contamination. The drying fan integrated in MELAtherm provides active drying, which is of special importance for instruments with cavities.


Practice requirements are highly varied, especially when the practice has an existing sterilization room. As a result, MELAG provide MELAtherm® in two models.

You can choose between an under-desk machine, which fits into a normal 60 cm space and a free standing top-frame device.

Stainless-steel housing is available for the devices which are not inbuilt.  The top-frame device provides two advantages: loading at operator level (no need to bend over) and additional storage space below in a second draw.

Documentation with ease

Documentation is achieved either through connecting the MELAtherm directly to the user network, or PC or via transferring the data on the CF-card.

Documentation with ease

The data can be administered with either a Windows standard program e.g. Text Editor, Excel or Word. A professional and even more convenient alternative is possible by purchasing one of the MELAG documentation programs MELAview of MELAsoft.

Documentation with ease

Documentation of the entire treatment process is required. This is easily achieved with MELAtherm, without incurring any extra cost.

MELAG concentration

There are over 100 manufacturers of sterilizers world-wide for use in medical and dental practices. But MELAG is the only producer on the international scene who concentrates exclusively on one single product line alone: sterilizers.

Quality and precision

More than fifty years ago, MELAG began in Berlin to specialize in the manufacture of sterilization equipment. Verification of its success has been the sale of more than 355,000 units. Decades of experience, modern computer controlled production technology in MELAG’s own plant in Berlin, the application of high grade materials and an experienced workforce make MELAG devices easy to use quality products.

The MELAG philosophy includes the systematic concentration on one restricted production program. With its highly specialized development team, MELAG is able to retain and further develop its market-driven product line on an internationally leading technical level.

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