Quadric Chamber
Small Footprint
Fast Process Time
10amp Power

Sterilise more
in less space and time.

The Linder Quadro is a groundbreaking new benchtop steriliser, designed to reprocess more instruments in less time. It is smaller, roomier, faster and easier to use. Since it offers extremely high capacity in a very small footprint, it’s the perfect choice for your clinic where throughput is important but space is at a premium. 

It’s all very simple. It’s the shape of the chamber.

Most sterilisers have circular-shaped chambers, where approximately 25% is wasted space.
For the Quadro, Linder used the ingenious formula of the superellipse – a form that is not circular, not square; but in-between.
With its unique shape, it loads five standard trays, while other sterilisers with the same chamber volume only fit three. But this is not all: The Quadro not only loads more – it also works super fast, boosting throughput even further.

Saves more than time.

With the Quadro, the standard B-process can be completed in around 30 minutes. This means that you can get more instruments back in circulation faster. Consequently, you need fewer instruments so you can cut costs substantially over time.

Linder Medical



It’s large, it’s clear, the text is crisp and the graphics are remarkably vivid. We know you’ll love the 8.5 inch touchscreen on the Quadro.
The Quadro supports process release directly on the screen. The user’s digital signature is digitally documented together with the specific process in order to ensure traceability.

No extra power required.

The intelligent steam generator system inside the Quadro means no extra power is required at the start of a cycle. Other sterilisers may require a 15amp power point, but with the Quadro you can simply plug into a standard 10amp power point and it is ready to go.

Linder Medical


Loading capacity

Cassette load
Container load
Implantology load
Mixed Load

Linder Medical


Hybrid water supply with easy-to-clean water reservoirs.

The Quadro can be connected to an external water supply for a more efficient, hassle free operation. The tanks are then automatically filled and drained. We understand that you want cleaning that is simple and fast, and that’s why you’ll appreciate the unique open design of the Quadro’s water reservoirs. Just lift the lids and the two-tank system is completely open and fully accessible, all the way down to the smooth rounded corners where no dirt can hide. What’s more, the level controls tell you when you need to fill or drain the tanks, and the water quality system alerts you if the water quality is compromised.

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