DrQuickLook | SD Plus™

The world’s simplest intraoral cameras

SD Plus™


HD Camera with 6 super bright LEDs, choose from 3 resolutions with a simple TOUCH of the screen!

Live survey, capture, zoom, and save countless “time-date” stamped images. Patient holds the viewer and will easily SEE what you SEE!

Nothing else is this EASY!

Touch the screen and INSTANTLY review ALL saved images, zoom, move with your finger or delete unwanted images. Patients get involved and say yes to treatment, without the hassles that USB, software integrated intraoral camera’s can create.

“Draw on Screen” with included stylus pen, perfect for show and tell.

Drawn and undrawn images can both be saved, submit with insurance claim, transfer to electronic chart, or print.

Electronic or Paper charts, permanently SAVE Time and Date stamped images in seconds.

Windows or Mac save to ANY practice software in seconds, EagleSoft, Dentrix, Patterson, Gendex, Dexis, Kodak, Schick, XDR, whatever you have it works! Save ONLY images you need. Using PAPER Charts? NO problem, create a “patient images folder” in “my documents”, then create unlimited sub folders with patients name and save images forever. Clear and reuse SD memory card countless times. Instructions included.

Extraoral Camera on back of unit is a big PLUS.

With a “single touch on the screen”, do complete composite with occlusal views, lateral dental shots, anterior overjet, facial and more, then SAVE.

Large 5″ Touch Screen.

Provides a LARGE image for patients to “see what you see”. Great for Patient Education video’s and slides. Touch the screen to activate ALL features.

Print Images With or Without Computer.

Once downloaded print from computer to printer, if your printer has an SD card slot, no computer is required to instantly print images in seconds. You can even buy a portable Selphy printer for under $100.00 and print in seconds with NO computer connection, perfect for patient charts or to give to patient.

Charging SD PLUS with Rechargeable Li-lon Battery

SD PLUS can charge overnight in countertop/wall mounted charger, plug in to any wall outlet. Up to 8 hours of continuous use. Battery life is up to 4 years and replacement is easy.

Touch Screen easy settings

Set your time zone – Internal date/time clock to stamp images.
Image settings for preference.
Resolutions settings, 640×480, 800×600 and 1024×768.
Free lifetime updates when available.

Proudly made in America

Since 2010 thousands of Dental offices use our FDA approved medical device products every day. Founded by Dr. Robert Clark a 34 year practicing dentists and partner of Summit Dental Group in Liverpool, NY and Vincent Primerano a former hearing specialist and inventor. Our products are Made in America and built to lastand reflect years of insight and practical experience.

Made with high performance components, drop tested for durability and surrounded by high impact resistant polycarbonate plastics.

We understand the importance of quick and efficient customer service. We strive to provide loyal service, are kind and courteous and react promptly to customer needs, 100% of the time!

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