MAIA Dental Light

Swing around backrest

Ideal for the nurse, the backrest has the capability to rotate 360 degrees around the circular seat. It can be used as an armrest as well as a backrest. There is also a ratchet system which allows the backrest to move horizontally across the seat.

The mechanism used by Optima is uniquely smooth and quiet.

Foot ring

Murrays have a stainless foot ring supplied as standard with high cylinder. However, it can be supplied as an optional extra on a standard height cylinder.

Naughyde upholstery

All Naugahyde upholstery vinyl used is contract standard; it meets or exceeds the latest fire retardancy specifications and is latex free.

Polished aluminium base

An optional extra that can be fitted to enhance the appearance in areas where the cream base is not appropriate.

Foot height control

This is an optional extra that enables the height range of the seat to be adjusted with the foot, instead of a hand lever, ideal for use when in scrubs. This can be fitted to all models.

Tilt facility

The seat pad tilts back and forth to enable pelvic movement, which helps promote a good neutral spinal position. On all models where applicable,except the SGEM-GT, the back rest and the seat pad can be independently adjusted and used in a free floating or locked position.

Back rest rake adjustment

This is a spring loaded adjustable movement. It may be in a free floating position which means, as the operative leans back and forth, the back rest will move with him / her, providing continuous support. Alternatively ,it can be locked into position.

Why Opti-Stools?

It is proven that a good sitting position will reduce daily fatigue and long term RSI problems, therefore reducing sick days, which in the long term will reduce costs. Optima are committed to ensuring that operatives get the correct type of seating for their specific daily tasks. With this in mind, should you have a requirement for several chairs, we are happy to bring a selection of seating to your premises to enable staff to assess which chair is most suitable.

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Did you know?

Optima builds some of Australia & New Zealand’s most beautiful and inviting dental practice spaces.  Take a look at some of our recent projects and be inspired for your next refit, rebuild or upgrade.