Ancar Series

Introducing innovation with feeling.

From Ancar’s headquarters in Spain, Ancar products are distributed and serviced across the Australasian region through Dentec representatives trained in Ancar product support and after sales service. With three ranges presenting options on functionality, operations and accessories, Ancar’s treatment centres, patient chairs and stools will introduce a higher level of performance to your dental practice.Introducing innovation with feeling.

Series 5

Peerless innovation,  timeless design.

Ancar’s revolutionary Series 5 treatment centre takes innovation in dental units to new heights.

With fixed units and a suspended side lift chair offering vertical elevation, the all aluminium construction combines with carefully integrated components to provide a highly efficient and reliable centrepiece for any professional consulting / treatment room.

Suspended Elevation

The intricately suspended chair improves working accessibility to
the patient, with an elevation range of between 380 and 800mm.
Ideal for working sitting as well as standing.

Porcelain Spitoon Basin

The ergonomic spittoon basin can be easily manoeuvred into position for ease of patient access. Hygiene is a major design consideration and was accounted for with easy disconnection for sterilising.

Touching Technology

Digital, intuitive and ergonomic. Ancar’s commitment to excellence brings the professional greater features, maximum precision and informative details that come close to perfection.

Ergonomy in Perfection

The delivery arm, whether continental or traditional delivery, has an inbuilt pneumatic brake for better stability and an aluminium instrument tray.

Easy Touch Control

Housing an ‘easy touch’ control panel on the delivery head, the Series 1 promotes itself as an efficient and durable partner for any aspiring dentist.

Optional LED light

To further enhance the complete Ancar packages, each model can be fitted with an optional Alya LED light outputting 50,000 Lux, and guaranteed sharper vision

Electronic Pedal

The proportional electronic pedal with vertical activation works with or without water, micro motor direction inverter, “chip blower” drive and chair movement.

Aluminium Core

Ancar’s Series 3 treatment centres are designed and manufactured with a light, anti-corrosive aluminium core.


Choice  of Traditional hanging style delivery or the more elegant Continental whip-arm delivery.

Built for a Lifetime

Aluminium construction provides a mark of quality and the assurance of lifelong reliability. Straight lines and carefully designed access panels put the finishing touches on a robust creation.

Ultimate control

With solid components and a well thought design, the robust foot pedal control provides complete control and efficiency.

Assistant Control

Auxiliary cannula support with two suction hoses, optional instruments and functional chair control.

Touch Expert Control Panel

With a simple dynamic screen, the Touch Expert monitor enables the dentist to configure, save and memorise the actions of each instrument on the main tray with precision.

Dental intelligence with heart

Founded in Spain in 1958, Ancar services the international dental community through the design and development of robust, ergonomic dental equipment. Over the past five decades, Ancar has utilised market research to inform the design of their ISO certified products with a focus on innovation with feeling.

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