Ancar Series

Go up in the world! In innovation. In design. In expectations.

From Ancar’s headquarters in Spain, Ancar products are distributed and serviced across the Australasian region through Dentec representatives trained in Ancar product support and after sales service. With three ranges presenting options on functionality, operations and accessories, Ancar’s treatment centres, patient chairs and stools will introduce a higher level of performance to your dental practice.Introducing innovation with feeling.

Series 5

Welcome to the New Series: treatment units with suspended chair and vertical elevation. Open space under the chair, without obstacles, allowing total freedom of leg movement for dentist and their assistants. The ergonomic design means all components are integrated and coordinated together, so that any dental work can be done as well, comfortably and efficiently as possible. The perception of looking at such a technologically advanced, customizable and different treatment unit that is almost unique is transferred into the design and look of the consulting room. And, of course, made of aluminium. New Series 5: undoubtedly the best choice!

Multi User Interface

Providing ease of use for all dentists in multiple user environments.

Integrated Technology

Direct connection to the computer and software.

“Check Control” electronic safety system

Rectification of  electronic errors on start-up providing ultimate performance every day.

Multi Articulation Headrest for perfect head positioning.

Multi-position articulated and ergonomic headrest for children and adults.

Dr & Nurse comfort

With fully adjustable working heights of delivery unit and assistant support.

Side lift chair

Cantilevered chair mounting allowing unimpeded patient access.

Dental intelligence with heart

Antoni Carles, S.A. was founded in 1958 as a family business designed to provide mechanical support to professionals interested in offering their clients maximum quality as well as the best equipment and service.

Over time, we have gained experience and an in-depth knowledge of the market which has helped us find out what our client wants, to whom we listen, with whom we interact and from whom our ideas emerge.

Through our work, and from both areas, we offer the professional top quality, robust and ergonomic products, helping them work impeccably and making their everyday tasks easier.

Together with an extraordinary product, what really sets us apart is our concern for people. Ancar professionals focus the greater part of their work on providing excellent technical and after-sales service and treatment with a personal touch, offering all clients our knowledge and innovative attitude with the utmost care and dedication, with feeling.

MORE Surgery Equipment

Ancar | Ortho SD 3200 Dental Chair

Ancar | Ortho SD 3200 Dental Chair

Ancar | Series 5 Dental Chair

Ancar | Series 5 Dental Chair

Pelton & Crane | Essential – Spirit 1700 Dental Chair

Pelton & Crane | Essential – Spirit 1700 Dental Chair

Pelton & Crane | Advantage – Spirit 1800 Dental Chair

Pelton & Crane | Advantage – Spirit 1800 Dental Chair


Quadro | Steriliser

MELAG | Cliniclave 45 Steriliser

Cattani | Micro SMART

Cattani | Micro SMART Cube


Did you know?

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