Ancar Series 3

Intuitive & Ergonomic
Elegant Functionality
Aluminium Core
Spanish Design

Simple. Smart. Solid.

The new Ancar Series 3, electronic treatment centre, represents the culmination of Ancar’s extensive experience in the dentistry world. A flawless design and the planned and an audited construction are meant to last, thereby it is the proven and current touch technology innovation. Ancar’s interpretation of how machine-user interaction should be. A new experience that makes your work more intuitive, precise, safe, dynamic and profitable. ’Touching technology’ is Ancar’s promise to offer professionals more benefits, maximum precision and informative details with a perfection of quality.

Supreme strength through a complete aluminium core.

Aluminum core made in light, anti-corrosive aluminum alloy.

Multi user interface

Providing ease of use for all dentists in multiple user environments.
The interaction, the dialogue between machine and user, its versatility and its durability make this technology ideal for getting the maximum performance from your dental unit.

Ancar Dental Chair

Series 3

Wireless multi-function Foot Control

Full chair and instrument control in one convenient location.
This electronic pedal features vertical activation for working with/without water, micromotor direction inverter, “chip plower” drive and chair movement.

Precision in every detail

The Ancar Series 3 represents the culmination of a well done job. Added to a perfect design, the result of our extensive experience and the planned and audited construction are meant to last, thereby it is all the innovation that today’s technology offer us.
In line with this philosophy, the Series 3 offers dentistry professionals the maximum aspiration in work comfort, patient well-being and precision in actions with the peace of mind of an approved and tested reliability.


Ancar Dental Chair

Series 3

Unique and Advanced Control

Assistant support with two aspiration hoses installed
Removable and autoclaveable instruments support
Rotary instrument oil collector
Multi-position articulated and ergonomic headrest
Water box made of anti-corrosive aluminium
Quick connection kit

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