Ancar Series

Introducing innovation with feeling.

From Ancar’s headquarters in Spain, Ancar products are distributed and serviced across the Australasian region through Dentec representatives trained in Ancar product support and after sales service. With three ranges presenting options on functionality, operations and accessories, Ancar’s treatment centres, patient chairs and stools will introduce a higher level of performance to your dental practice.Introducing innovation with feeling.

Series 1

The Ancar Series 1 is a superbly refined design, built with sound construction and careful selection of the finest materials. The Series 1 is the best example of perfect harmony between functionality, reliability, ergonomics and pure aesthetics.

The general structure and the precision of the finish convey a real sense of quality and durability. The five pre-programmed chair positions, the manoeuvrability of the patient position and with all instruments always within easy reach make the Series 1 quick and comfortable to work with whilst still providing ease of access to the patient

Supreme strength through a complete aluminum frame

Aluminum code made in light, anti-corrosive aluminum alloy.

Multi-function foot control for ease of use

Full chair and instrument control in one convenient location.

Multi Articulating Headrest

Providing superior working positioning.

Perfectly weighted continental style delivery unit

Providing unparalleled operator comfort.

Custom Positioning

Fully programmable chair for custom positioning.

Non-intrusive LED operating light

The FARO LED Light is equipped with triaxle movement allowing better control and direct lighting.

Dental intelligence with heart

Antoni Carles, S.A. was founded in 1958 as a family business designed to provide mechanical support to healthcare professionals interested in offering their clients maximum quality as well as the best equipment and service.

Over time, they have gained experience and an in-depth knowledge of the Dental market which has helped to unearth what Dental professionals across the world were seeking in the perfect Dental chair & unit. Ancar listens, interacts and acts on these findings. As a result, innovatice ideas emerge and top quality, robust and ergonomic products are built, helping Dental professionals work impeccably and with their everyday tasks easier.

Ancar professionals focus the greater part of their work on providing excellent technical and after-sales service and treatment with a personal touch, offering dealers the world over: knowledge and innovative attitude with the utmost care and dedication, with feeling.

MORE Surgery Equipment

Ancar | Ortho SD 3200 Dental Chair

Ancar | Ortho SD 3200 Dental Chair

Ancar | Series 5 Dental Chair

Ancar | Series 5 Dental Chair

Pelton & Crane | Essential – Spirit 1700 Dental Chair

Pelton & Crane | Essential – Spirit 1700 Dental Chair

Pelton & Crane | Advantage – Spirit 1800 Dental Chair

Pelton & Crane | Advantage – Spirit 1800 Dental Chair


Quadro | Steriliser

MELAG | Cliniclave 45 Steriliser

Cattani | Micro SMART

Cattani | Micro SMART Cube


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