Extraoral Imaging

X-Mind Prime 2D

Compact design
Fast 1hr install
Easy 2D diagnosis
Pixel size – 48um
Guided positioning
Intuitive controls

Its time for SMART panoramic x-rays

X-Mind prime 2D is the latest addition to ACTEON’s panoramic imaging product line. It blends cutting-edge technology with ease of use in a compact design. With X-Mind prime 2D, high tech is at your fingertips with tools for accurate diagnosis.
X-Mind prime 2D is a lightweight and compact system that can fit into virtually any dental office. With its intelligent, wall-mounted design, the unit takes up zero floor space. Because the unit is delivered preassembled to the office, it can be installed by a single technician in under an hour, so it is up and running and does not interfere with office production.

X-Mind Prime 2D – High tech at your fingertips

Rely on a complete set of panoramic exams

X-Mind Prime offers a full set of panoramic exams tailored to meet all your clinical applications. It provides all the panoramic exams required for general dentistry: dental panoramic, temporomandibular joints, sinuses.
  • Standard
  • Half Panoramic (right/left)
  • Frontal Dentition
  • Low Dose
  • Ortho Rad
  • Single (right/left)
  • Bilateral
  • Sinus
  • Standard
  • Single phase

Intelligent wall mounted solution

Optimize the space within your practice

Compactness is key. X-Mind Prime is a space-saving device: with its smart wall-mounted system, it will never get in your way. It’s exceptional light weight (only 62 kg) and its reduced size makes X-Mind Prime adaptable. It will fit in the narrowest space. With zero footprint, X-Mind Prime will not reduce precious workspace within your practice.

Advanced functionality for intuitive navigation

The ACTEON Imaging software offers intuitive navigation and advanced functionality. It alone lets you manage all of your images, from scanning to viewing images from all ACTEON Imaging devices (CBCT, Panoramic, intraoral dital x-ray system, intraoral camera) and much more:
  • Panoramic image detail optimization filter
  • Custom patient report
  • Superior design
  • Clean lines
  • User-friendly
  • Open architecture
  • Seamless integration with ACTEON 2D and 3D Imaging devices
  • Integrates with various patient management software

Extraoral Imaging

X-Mind Prime 2D

Easily and efficiently position your patient

To maximise productivity X-Mind Prime is specifically designed to reduce the patient preparation time.
Natural face-to-face positioning supported by alignment lasers for correct patient positioning.
Whether sitting or standing at any height, the telescopic columns can be directly adjusted using the control panel. X-Mind Prime open space configuration suits all types of patients and is easily accessible for wheelchair users with its zero footprint space.

Extraoral Imaging

X-Mind Prime 2D

Unmatched speed of installation

X-Mind Prime is ready to install! Delivered completely assembled at your practice, you are all set-up in only one hour. As simple as one box, one technician, two steps and that’s it! It does not interrupt the daily work and operations of the office, helping you to save time.

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