Dental Equipment Offering

Tailored Equipment Solutions

Working in tandem with our create and service dimensions, we provide tailored dental equipment solutions for every budget, floor plan and aesthetic.
Whether a one-off replacement or a multi-practice fit-out, our integrated capabilities ensure on-time delivery and seamless integration with any workspace.
Our commitment to industry-specific wellbeing flows through our equipment offering, supporting the potential of practitioner health and performance while ensuring patient comfort.

Specialist Dental Equipment Range









UnicLine 5D Compact | Heka Dental Chair

UnicLine S | Heka Dental Chair

Ancar | Series 7

Ancar | Series 3

Ancar | Ortho SD 3200

Ancar | Ortho SD 3200

Ancar | Series 5

Ancar | Series 5

Ancar | Series 1

Ancar | Series 1

Quadro | Steriliser

MELAG | Cliniclave 45

MELAG | Pro-Class

L&R | Quantrex® Ultrasonic Cleaning System

L&R | SweepZone® Technology


MELAG | Premium-Plus-Class

Steelco | DS 50 DRS

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Equipment Solutions

We believe that the equipment you use, and how comfortable you feel in your workspace will be reflected in the calibre of your work and ultimately your patient’s satisfaction. This is why we specialise in supplying the right equipment for you and your clinic.

At Optima, we provide dental equipment solutions across all four key areas.

• Surgery
• Sterilisation
• Plant
• Diagnostic

Over the past 25 years we have established a full range of high quality, innovative dental equipment. From dental chairs and operating lights to washers and x-ray machines, our state-of-the-art dental and medical equipment range is designed to increase your efficiency and level of service.

Whether you’re starting your first dental practice, looking to refurbish an existing centre, or wanting to provide a premium experience for your clients, we have a range of Chairs & equipment to suit any budget. Our high-quality, reliable chairs are available in a variety of configurations and designs, and can be tailored to suit your specialist requirements.

Our coordinated approach ensures everything is delivered on time, on spec, and is guaranteed to work seamlessly within your existing workspace. For your complete peace of mind, all our equipment comes with preventative maintenance plans and warranties and is installed by trained professionals.

All of this is supported by the best customer service in the industry. Our in-house technicians are qualified, fully trained, and equipped to service your every need. So whether you’re looking to replace individual equipment or revamp an entire dental clinic, we’re here to help.

Speak to us today about an obligation-free appraisal, and discover how you can transform your dental clinic, and provide a better experience for your patients.